Fundamental objective of this summit is to create and maintain a space to enhance the reflection and discussion about mathematics, Statistic, his history, evolution, didactics and application. This, is a space for researchers and teachers of Mathematics to interact, socialize results of research, consolidate networks for interchange of ideas and successful experiences. Thus is to strength the mathematics and statistics as science, pedagogical principles to promote the dissemination of science, innovation, and to foment the creation of other scenarios of learning, strength the application of mathematics in several areas of knowledge and incentive in the student the interest for researching in these sciences.

This academical space had been maintained, and for this reason in the second semester of 2018 will be have the XIV summit of applied mathematics and XI summit of Statistics which will have the active participation of teachers, students and professionals from our University. This is the proper moment to invite to all members of our University to actively link with each of proposed activities in this version of the Summit.


  • Date: 7th december 2018
  • To: Teacher, researchers and students of public Universities
  • Organizes: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Degree Program in Mathematics, Master Program in Mathematics Education - UFPS
  • Expense Assistance: $50000 COP
  • Bank account: Banco de Occidente #600901912 REF. 700--
  • Email:
During the Summit Will be developed the next activities
  • Magistral conferences: duration 40 minutes
  • Brief Conferences: duration 25 minutes
  • Posters presentation
  • Photography and fractal design contests
  • Trainings: with approximately duration of 8 hours in two sessions of 4 hours each on 7th December. Must be pre-registration for these training,


The theme of “XIV Summit of Applied Mathematics and XI Summit of Statistics” are framed in the next subjects:

  1. Scientific Computation
  2. Mathematical Modelling
  3. Mathematics and Physics applied to Medicine
  4. Education and Communication
  5. Development and Earth Sciences
  • Open Themes to Poster
  • Statistics in Research
  • Mathematics and Statistics in Education
  • Successful experiences of Mathematics in inclusion
  • Arts and TICs in classrooms

Organizing Committee

Ph.D. Mawency Vergel Ortega. Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

MS.c. Margarita Contreras Díaz. Cámara Colombiana de la Construcción (Camacol)

M.Sc. Juan Pablo Salazar, Universidad Simón Bolívar (UNISIMON)

Ph.D. Henry Gallardo Pérez, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

M.S.c Olga Lucy Rincón Leal. Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)


International Scientific Committee

Ph.D. Ely Dannier Valbuena Niño, Fundación of Researchers in Science and Technology of Materials - FORISTOM, España

Ph.D. Carlos Armando Cuevas Vallejo. Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Technical Institute. Mexico

Ph.D. Alexander Contreras, Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira (UNET), Venezuela

Ph.D. Juan Víctor Retamal González. Profesor Titular. Chile

Ph.D. Santiago Arceo Díaz. Professor and researcher of the Basic Academic Nucleus in the Master of Computer Systems – Instituto Tecnológico de Colima, Colima – México


National Scientific Committee

Ph. D. Diana Haidive Bueno Carreño, Director of the Applied Mathematics program- Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali

Ph.D. Zulmary Carolina Nieto Sánchez, Universidad de Santander (UDES)

Ph.D. José Joaquín Martínez Lozano, Escuela Superior de Administración Pública (ESAP)

Ph.D. Sandra Liliana Zafra Tristancho, Dirección Nacional de Escuelas, (DINAE)

M.Sc. Martha Santiago, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)


Short courses - Presentations

Ph.D. Sonia Maritza Mendoza. Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

M.S.c. Alejandra María Serpa Jiménez. Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)


Coordinators of Mathematics Photography Contests / Fractal-light

MSc. Julio Alfredo Delgado, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

M.Sc. Nury Angélica Villamizar Pinzón, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

M.Sc. Ruth Stella García, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

Ph.D. Ruth Mery González, Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

Ph.D. Mildred Uscategui. Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander (UFPS)

Publication Coordinador

Carolina Cordero. Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander


Armando Cuevas

Cinvestav, México


Freddy Villamizar

Cinvestav, México


Diana Haidive Bueno Carreño

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana - Colombia


Alexander Contreras

Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira, Venezuela


Santiago Arceo Díaz

Instituto Tecnológico de Colima - México


Margarita Contreras

CAMACOL - Colombia


Mario Zambrano Miranda

Escuela Superior de Administración Pública


Rafael Borges

Universidad de Los Andes - Venezuela


Martijn Oldenhof

KU Leuven, Leuven (Bélgica)


Derling Jose Mendoza Velazco

Universidad Iberoamericana de Ecuador


Juan Víctor Retamal González


Registration of research works

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